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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase INTERTOOL products?


What is your shipping policy?

  • Shipping policies are set based on the e-commerce platform that the product is purchased from. To see shipping policies, please refer to the policy located on our seller account for the specified e-commerce platform.


Do you accept returns/exchanges?

  • Yes. We are always happy to address any questions or issues related to returns and exchanges. We recommend referring to the return/exchange policy directly on the e-commerce platform where the product was purchased. For further support contact our Support number, email, or message us through the e-commerce platform that you purchased the product from and our world class Support Team will assist you until the issue is resolved.


How can I contact INTERTOOL’s Support Team directly?


What is your product warranty?

  • Most of our products have 1 year warranty but customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We are always available to resolve any issues that you have with our products. If an item breaks, does not work as expected, or you have any other issues with it then it is our job to make it right. Contact our support team and provide them with the details of your experience. Our USA-based support team is quick, knowledgeable, and trained to provide the best solutions to any problems.


Do you offer discounts on your products?

  • Yes, we run occasionally promotional discounts on our products so be sure to check out all of our e-commerce platform stores. Our mission is to provide the quality products for the best value.


Do you ship outside of the US? Do you provide warranty support for customers outside of the US?

  • We currently only ship to US based customers and our warranty is limited to customers located in the US. As we continue to expand we will update our shipping and warranty policies to include countries outside of the US.


Are your products available in retail stores?

  • Yes, our products are currently available in a limited number of retail stores across the US. As we continue to expand, our products will be available in more retail stores. For specific information, please contact our support team.


Do you offer bulk pricing for your products?


Are you currently partnering with retailers to sell your products?

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